aaNet Home Phone

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  Taalk Taalk Unlimited Taalk Unlimited
(24 Month Contract)
Monthly Fee - No Contract $34.90 $65 $60
Minimum Cost $34.90 $65 $1440 over 24 Months
Local Calls $0.16 each Unlimited Unlimited
National Fixed Line Calls $0.20 per minute Unlimited Unlimited
National Mobile Calls $0.33 per minute Unlimited Unlimited
13/1300 Calls $0.44
Flag Fall Mobile, National and International $0.39 $0.39 $0.39
International Click here Click here Click here
Contract Period Month To Month Month To Month 24 Months
Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary Critical Information Summary

Call 1300 665 076 to learn more

The following Value Added Services are available with all our home phone plans.

Service Monthly Charge
Silent number $3.95
Voice Mail $6.50
Unique ring $4.95
Calling Number Display $6.50
Multiple Number $4.95
Dual Fax / Phone Line $4.95
Selective call forward $4.95
Timed call forwarding $4.95
Call Barring $4.95
Abbreviated Dialing $2.95
Abbreviated Dialing (40 Number Extension) $2.00
Abbreviated Dialing (60 Number Extension) $4.00

aaNet acts as a reseller of Telstra fixed line and DSL broadband services. aaNet is responsible in supplying these services to our customers and we have no other affiliation or relationship with our wholesalers outside of our wholesale agreements.

Some existing customers may be on Optus network. This can be confirmed by Customer Service on 1300 665 076.